Our Philosophy

Exosent is latin (Exo Sentia) for "outside thought." Exosent Engineering was formed in 2010 to offer high quality mechanical engineering services and manufacturing. We believe in two guiding principles:

Carnegie Philosophy

Always have the latest equipment

Invest in technology, and be ready when the market turns. In today's age, that means:

Skunkworks Philosophy

Remain small and agile.

Skunkworks (Lockheed Martin) went from the stealth fighter concept to flying prototype in 2.5 years. Their efficiency came from being small and agile - only 30 people (including engineers and fabricators). This resulted in:

  • Ideas are generated, modified (synergy), and accepted/rejected in a very small time frame.
  • No red tape. Decisions are quick, implementation is quicker.
  • Communication is flowing and natural - such that scheduled meetings represent a failure in communication.